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Dernière mise à jour : 13 juin 2023

Dear friends, dear members, dear all,

After venues in the United States, in Sweden, in Canada, etc., we are thrilled to let you know that 3 pieces by Marie Vera Maixandeau will be performed in Monaco, birth place of our dear composer, on July 2nd, 2023, during the International Organ Festival of Monaco. This year edition of the festival will be dedicated to Prince Rainier III for the centenary of his birth. Book your tickets !

This very good news does not come alone. The MaixanDO association has been recognised as being of general interest by the French Tax Administration. We are now able to issue tax receipts, allowing donors paying taxes in France to benefit from a tax relief corresponding to 66% of the amount of their donation. Do not hesitate and become a patron of the association !

Finally, you may be aware that one of our main goals for 2023-2024 is to render accessible and readable Marie-Vera Maixandeau’s scores (most of them being handwritten). This project is underway, and we should be able to upload a couple of scores in the next few months. We have received so many e-mail from musicians around the world being volunteer to transcript handwritten scores! We are really grateful to them and to the Society of Women Organist for having spread the information! Other concerts in France are also currently being discussed. We hope to be able to share some more good news very soon.

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Musically yours, The Bureau


2d of july, 6pm – Monaco’s cathedral

The 18th International Organ Festival of Monaco will take place from June 25th to July 16th 2023, and will be dedicated to Prince Rainier III centenary.

On Sunday 2nd of July, 2023, at 6pm, in Monaco’s Cathedral Joy-Leilani Garbutt will be performing her program « Compositrices Invisibles » (Invisible Composers), which is a program exclusively dedicated to female composers. This program will include « performance – some of which premiered - of pieces by the Monegasque composer Marie-Vera Maixandeau (1929 – 2018) ».

« It must be highlighted that Joy-Leilani Garbutt concert will present a program revolving around female composers pieces only. She will also perform pieces of the remarkable Monegasque composer Marie-Vera Maixandeau ». O. Vernet (free translation).

We are very excited about this program, and very honoured that Olivier Vernet, permanent organist of the Monaco’s Cathedral and artistic director of the International Organ Festival of Monaco, and our dear organist Joy-Leilani Garbutt, create this opportunity to listen to 3 pieces, among which the Fantaisie Dramatique, Marie-Vera Maixandeau’s most powerful piece among the 4 pieces for organ that we know of. We are even more grateful that this concert takes place in the Cathedral of Monaco, where she learnt music and how to play organ with Emile Bourdon, who has been the permanent organist of this Cathedral for 46 years (from 1922 to 1968).

The program however will not be interpreted on the same instrument as the one MV Maixandeau learnt to play on. Indeed, the organ which was inaugurated by Emile Bourdon in April 1922 was replaced several times, until the current one, inaugurated on March 8th, 2011 with a recital by Olivier Vernet.

The MaixanDO association will be represented to this concert, which will be held in the presence of several members of Marie-Vera Maixandeau’s family.


Contribute to the association and its mission, and benefit from a (French) tax relief !

By supporting the association, you contribute to spreading the world on a genius female composer, that deserves to be well-known.

Your donations help financing concerts, creating communication sets aiming at making the association known to musicians, engraving scores to make them accessible to musicians keen on playing them.

You can make your donation directly on line on our website, and you will receive, if you want and if you pay taxes in France, a recipisse allowing a tax relief corresponding to 66% of the amount of your donation.

Thank you for your generosity !


Did you know?

The conservatoire of Paris have selected 13 pieces for the entrance exams of their bassoon academic cycle for the year 2023-2024. Among those 13 pieces, the Lied et Rondo pour piano et basson by Marie-Vera Maixandeau.

This piece was initially composed for the entrance exam to the CNSMP (Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris) in 1953 and now finds its place back ! We know of a few mistakes in the score edited by Leduc : hopefully these will not prejudice the candidates !



The association attended the Musicora forum, at the Seine Musicale in Boulogne-Billancourt, last 27th of May.

Musicora is an annual gathering, France’s largest showroom of instruments, musicians and music amateurs, as well as professionals of the sector. Although it seemed this year’s attendance was a bit smaller than usual, we got to have very interesting exchanges with publishers, medias, potential financing parties (through subventions), the professional pianist Magali Goimard, and also the association Présence Compositrices.


Venues and concerts

The next concert during which a piece composed by MV Maixandeau will be featured is on June 10th 2023, at 4pm local time at the Legion d’Honneur / Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco. Every week throughout the year, this museum allows the visitor to discover a masterpiece while listening to an organ concert. ON June 10th, Rodin’s sculpture Les Trois Ombres (the Three Shades) will be put forward, and will be supported by the program « Rodin’s France : the sounds of an époque » in which the Lento from Sonate pour Orgue will be featured.

Although we are trying our best, we surely miss out on some concerts and recitals. Please try and inform us by email of any events during which Marie-Vera Maixandeau’s work is performed !


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